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Canonical Tags

Canonical tags are HTML codes used to help search engines understand which version of a webpage is the main one when there are several similar pages. This is important because it prevents problems like lower search rankings and divided attention among multiple similar pages, which can happen if search engines get confused by duplicate content. 

The canonical tag tells search engines to focus on the main page and ignore the others, ensuring that all the search engine benefits, like links and rankings, are concentrated on this main page.

These tags are particularly useful for websites that have pages with very similar content, such as online stores where the same product might be shown on different pages. By using canonical tags, website owners make sure that their site’s visibility in search results is not harmed by multiple pages showing the same thing. This helps keep the site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strong, making the site more likely to show up higher in search results.

Canonical tags are an crucial on-page entity used to indicate to search engines the preferred version of a webpage when multiple versions of the same content exist, consolidating link equity and avoiding duplicate content issues, thereby influencing search engine rankings and organic traffic.

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