A Great

Digital Marketer

What’s The Secret Sauce?

The world’s best marketers get to the top because they work at it: they consume the right content and read the right books. They take what they learn and put it into practice. But with so much on your plate, how can you stay ahead?

Structured Learning

 As per a survey conducted by CXL, marketers who had a focused study routine varying between 16-60 mins per day learned more, and reported more promotions within 12 months compared to those who didn’t. So, structured study is a must.

 Block Your Time

 The only way you’re going to learn new skills is by investing the time to do so. Something as simple as a few 30 minute blocks during the week is all you need to set aside to learn and grow exponentially.

Prioritise Professional Development

Whether you’re an employee looking to move up, or a marketing manager trying to get the most out of your team, professional development shouldn’t be an afterthought. Make it part of the job - a tool that needs to be sharpened. 

Find What Works For You

 Understand how you operate best. Maybe you learn better with video. Maybe podcasts work. Maybe you learn better when taking notes. Understanding how you operate best, and design your learning around it. 

 Make Learning A Priority

Becoming the best isn’t an easy path - you require constant learning, and putting what you learn into practice. By making learning a priority, you can advance in your career quickly, while continuing to hone your craft.



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