Bill Gates-The Philanthropic Guru

Bill Gates embraces spirituality, imparting lessons of innovation and social responsibility, guiding others to find purpose beyond technology.

Mark Zuckerberg - The Social Media Yogi

Mark Zuckerberg sings Hindu hymns, channelling his dedication to connecting the world through technology and spirituality.

Steve Jobs - The ‘Zen’trepreneur

Inspired by the wisdom of Neem Karolo Baba, Steve Jobs preaches mindfulness.

Bhajan with Bezos

Jeff Bezos vibes to Indian devotional music and sings melodious bhajans.

Tim Cook - The Mindful Innovator

Tim Cook, with a tranquil aura, sings bhajans and preaches about spirituality and management.

Warren Buffett - The Mantra Maestro

Warren Buffett, with his benevolent voice, brings together CEOs-turned-saints, spreading wisdom through melodic hymns.