Google Improves Web Stories Wordpress Plugin

Web Stories

Web Stories are a new content type for the web. The idea is to provide “snackable” short length content, that consumers can read in short breaks, while swiping from one slide to the next.

A New & Improved Plugin

Updates to the Web Stories plugin make it easier to earn money - plus, the new design features help publishers create more engaging web stories.


Perhaps the most important update to the WordPress Web Stories plugin is an easier integration with AdSense and the Beta Programmatic Demand via Ad Manager feature, with a form-based method to add ads to Web Stories, no coding required.

New Page Layouts & Animation

The plugin now features a page layouts section that will allow a publisher to easily mix and match different layout templates. Google also added more complex animations that are built-in to templates.

Border Style Designs

Google also added a way to add curved borders to layouts.

Pre-Publish Checklist

Other upgrades include a pre-publish checklist alerts publishers to improvements that will make a Web Story eligible for Google Discover, as well as accessibility issues.

Abuse Of Web Stories

Some users adopted Stories as a traffic driver: teasing an article through stories, and forcing readers to click to the main site to read it. Google in response warned it would not rank teaser stories, and affirmed Web Stories are primary content.

Try These New Features Out Today

These improvements make it easier for publishers to start making money with Web Stories. It also makes it easier for non-designer publishers to use the point and click template options to create engaging web stories.