Data-Driven Approach To Increase Site Traffic

Conversion Optimisation

In the big picture,“Conversion Optimisation” boils down to getting the right people to click on what you want them to, and the acquisition stage is a good place to start. Acquisition focuses on how to grab attention in a crowded marketplace.

Top Of The Funnel

Understand your target audience to improve your acquisition strategies. And then, to get them in, create something that speaks directly to their needs (and is worth interrupting their usual browsing patterns).


Find your right target market for PPC ads. You want clicks from people who will move through your sales funnel with the least amount of friction. Understand where your target market spends time online.

Data-Driven SMM

Find out where your ideal customer is “hanging out” and whom they’re connected to. Where and how you engage depends on who your target market is. Use data to find the best time to publish, sharpen your headlines and more.

Re-Optimising For Search Traffic

Re-optimising title tags and meta descriptions to be more “clickable” on a search results page can have massive results on your conversions. You can use Google Search Console to uncover high-impression, low-CTR queries.

Rich Snippets

Apart from title and meta tags, there are other visual extras like images, products, authors, videos, events etc that can drive clicks - these are called rich snippets. They provide extra credibility and can increase CTR by upto 30% or more - add them.

Have Data?  Start Analysing!

You are bound to have data from the different channels you use - so take a step back, Analyse your data, and see where you can improve. This is how you will get people to your site - and eventually, push them to make a purchase.