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Image Alt Text

Image alt text, or alternative text, provides descriptions for images on web pages. These text descriptions not only aid search engines in understanding the content and context of images but also play a crucial role in accessibility for users with visual impairments or those browsing with images disabled. Properly implemented alt text ensures that all users can comprehend and engage with the information conveyed through images.

When crafting alt text, it’s important to provide concise yet accurate descriptions of the image’s content and purpose. The alt text should convey the same information as the image itself, without being overly wordy or keyword-stuffed. 

For images with text or logos, the alt text should simply state the text or company/product name. Additionally, decorative or purely aesthetic images can have empty or null alt text to avoid redundancy for screen readers. By including descriptive and relevant alt text, websites can enhance their accessibility, improve the user experience, and potentially gain an advantage in image-based search results.

Image Alt Text is an on-page entity in SEO.

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