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Google Possum

Imagine searching for “pizza near me” and seeing the same dominos repeated over and over, even though there’s a fantastic local pizzeria right down the street! That’s what Google Possum, an update around 2016, aimed to fix. This isn’t an official Google search entity, but a nickname by SEO experts for a local search shakeup.  This is a Google Search related entity.

Possum brought more variety to local searches, showcasing a wider range of relevant businesses in your area. It also cleaned things up by filtering out duplicate listings, so you wouldn’t see the same pizza place pop up twice with slightly different info. Plus, physical location became a bigger factor, meaning nearby businesses were more likely to shine in search results. 

While the exact details remain a bit mysterious, Google Possum is a reminder that Google constantly works to improve local search. So, if you’re a local business with a great location and a strong online presence, you’re more likely to be discovered by potential customers.

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