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Perform a health check on your average CPC to identify potential areas of cost optimization and performance enhancement in your ad campaigns.


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Get insights into the cost of running Google Ads in 2024, including factors that influence pricing and budgeting tips.


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Calculate your potential YouTube advertising budget with this tool, helping you plan and allocate funds effectively based on estimated viewership and engagement.


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Analyze the shifts in Google Ads benchmarks across different industries following the COVID-19 pandemic, helping advertisers adjust to new norms.


The Ultimate Ecommerce Marketing Pricing Guide by upGrowth

Explore comprehensive pricing strategies for ecommerce marketing, including tips on budgeting and choosing the right services for your online business.


Social Media Marketing Pricing: Cost of SMM by upGrowth

Understand the costs involved in social media marketing (SMM), including service options and pricing models to help you budget effectively.


Keyword Grouping Strategies Offer by upGrowth

Learn about keyword grouping strategies that can enhance the effectiveness of your SEO and SEM campaigns by improving ad relevance and search targeting.


Health ROAS Target Calculator by upGrowth

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SEM Rules to Follow to Become an Expert by upGrowth

Gain valuable insights into the rules and best practices of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to enhance your skills and become an industry expert.

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