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How to Configure Conversions and Conversions Reports?

Adarsh Gangwal | Published: April 25, 2022
How to Configure Conversions and Conversions Reports?

Conversions are those events that are important to your business goals. For instance, there are many events on your website page such as page views, clicks on CTAs, and form submission. But, not every event holds the same business importance. Conversions are necessarily those events that benefit your business. A particular click such as “confirm order” or “order now” can be considered a conversion.


Conversion reports show you how well each of your website’s goals is doing. They enable you to: Track user behaviors on your site that reflect the success of a business goal (e.g. purchase, registration, etc.)


Here’s how you can configure conversions and conversion reports: 

Step 1: 

Click on Configure

You will see multiple events

Step 2: 

Just switch on the toggle button of the events that you mark as conversions

Step 3: 

Click on conversions to check if the right events have been added to conversions,

Step 4: 

Click on reports

Step 5: 

Click on engagement

Step 6: 

Click on conversions

You will find consolidated conversions.


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