Transparent Growth Measurement (NPS)

Page Depth

Imagine your website as a treasure map, with the most valuable content hidden a little deeper!  Page depth, an entity in technical SEO, refers to the number of clicks it takes to get from the homepage to a specific page.  

Ideally, you want important content to be within a reasonable number of clicks, like buried treasure not too far from the starting point.

This keeps visitors from getting discouraged and ensures search engines can easily find and index all your valuable content.  A flat website structure with shallow page depth is generally preferred for optimal SEO.

However, page depth isn’t the only factor influencing SEO. Creating high-quality content and optimizing it for relevant keywords remains essential for attracting visitors.

Think of page depth as the distance users travel to find your content, but it’s the quality and value of that content that will ultimately convince them to stay and explore further.

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