Why Creating A Theme-Based Ad Group Is Important

What is an Ad Group

Marketers use keywords to reach relevant users. These are employed in an ad or an ad group. This acts as a base to target a set group of users who are searching for products online. It increases the clickthrough rate (CTR) value and helps reach targeted users groups. With the right set of keywords applied to gain traction, the campaign can be a success.

Theme-Based Ad Groups

With ad groups, you can systematically organise your advertisements and use a common theme like the type of products and services on offer on the website. By using a common theme based ad group, the reach is higher, allowing more users to access the ad groups.

Good Quality Score

If Google Ads does not trust your campaign keywords, it will not show your ads in the relevant categories.Quality score is highly dependent on Google Ads tripling your reach. Ads that have keywords with theme-based campaign goals are recognised by Google Ads - so align your goals with Google Ads guidelines.

Easy Comparison

Performance comparison in the theme-based ad groups is easy. Since each product category is kept separate and the campaign has multiple accounts.

Specific Copy

Ad Groups are designed to mirror the main business webpages and its keywords. The menu from the web pages should be used to target the right set of audiences. This can further be employed in the subcategories of each ad group. Using a specific ad copy helps maintain a theme based on the business pages that are directly related to the product web pages.

Easier Bid-Setting

A well-informed marketer will focus on similar keywords. Why? Because with the more accuracy maintained, it will be easier to set a bid. Also, if related keywords have the same bid,  performance tracking becomes less cumbersome.

For The Win

It is these reasons behind creating theme-based ad groups which is key to the success of an ad campaign, that makes you a master of keywords too!