Digital Marketing: Keyword Targeting In Quora Ads

Quora Ads

Users on Quora have high intent with respect to the content they read. Therefore, Quora allows various targeting options to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time

One of the most valuable aspects of Quora Ads platform is the ability to reach high intent users for your product or service. With keyword targeting, your ads would appear in the question pages depending on the word or phrase you specify. Quora offers 2 types of keyword matching: Broad match & Phrase match.

Keyword Targeting  In Quora

When you wish to reach as many users as possible without spending too much time on choosing a list of concentrated keywords, go with a broad match. For example, if you are interested in targeting questions that are about ‘business loan’, broad match helps you target a wider audience by showing your ad on question pages with close variations of business loan.

Broad Match

Phrase match allows narrower targeting compared to broad match by displaying an ad only when the question contains a phrase of keywords.

Phrase Match

Similar to Search engine ads platform, Exclude allows you to select negative words or phrases. Thus, you may restrict your ads from displaying on questions not related to your business offerings.


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