Lesser-Known Social Media Ideas Used By Successful MNCs

The Power Of Social Media

Social media platforms often aid in marketing and provide businesses with additional capabilities and benefits - but only if integrated with the business and managed carefully. Here are a few ways successful MNCs use their social media for maximum benefit.


Creating a personalised experience always works - it drives engagement and builds trust. MNCs use chatbots, and create ads which redirect the audience to a messenger window which is linked to a chatbot, and this goes a long way in giving the user a personalised interaction.

Thought-provoking, quality content, posted frequently and at the right time, can attract a larger audience base. MNCs are champions at this strategy.

Efficient Content Marketing

MNCs integrate personality in their posts through humour and emotions, so that their audience can relate to the brand. They do this by posing questions, gathering opinions, sharing newsworthy information and asking their followers for direct interaction.

A Sense Of Community

MNCs usually jazz up their content by using different media posts on a regular basis. It is well known that people respond to good imagery, fun videos, and interesting podcasts. When it comes to social media, diversifying the content on the landing page across platforms results in better engagement.

Jazz Up Your Profiles

Brand Advocates

MNCs have brand advocates who are vocal about the brand. These advocates need not be only celebrities who are paid for promotions, but people from various walks of life who are avid users of the products and can provide feedback.

The best MNCs are present on all the relevant social media channels. This ensures they are able to reach as many people as possible. If you analyzed properly, you’ll see that they are not present on all available social media networks, but on the ones most relevant to their audience.

Be Present On Relevant Channels

MNCs always have a social media budget, which ensures the efforts taken by the digital marketers are channelized properly.

Budget Your Social Media

To further engage customers, most MNCs run cross-channel campaigns on all their social media channels.

Cross-Channel Promotion

Now that you know some of the strategies that MNCs use, you can start implementing them for your own campaigns!

Amp Up Your Social Media