How To Increase Ecommerce  Conversion Rates


Sell More Online

All online sellers have one aim: to sell more and retain more customers. Here’s a look at some more ways you can boost e-commerce conversion rates.

Persistent Shopping Carts

People save items in their carts and come back after running a comparison. If they see an empty cart and have to start over, they may avoid the purchase. With a persistent cookie, the cart will save items for a day or even a week later.

Contact Info & Live Chat

Keep your phone number clearly visible, and offer the option of live chat on your home screen. This helps build trust and shows shoppers that you’re there if they need you.

Progress Indicators

People like to be in control and where they are in the process - have clear progress indicators on your site, so shoppers know if they are in the cart stage, checkout stage, payment stage etc.

FAQs To  Address Uncertainty

If a visitor has never ordered from you, they’ll have doubts. Make a list of the most common concerns, and address them on product pages and in the shopping cart.

Multiple Payment Options

Offer as many payment options as you can, to make the shopping experience accessible to more people

Value Proposition

Shoppers need to know what you’re about, what you’re offering and what makes you different from other sellers. Your value proposition needs to be front and centre



Your site needs to have a smart search option so people can find the products they’re looking for, navigate easily and filter through what’s available. Use autosuggest to show product matches as users type.

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