How we Increased Page Views And Session Duration  for an Entertainment Portal

The Client

Our client is a popular entertainment portal that shares Bollywood and celebrity news.

The Brief

How could they get more eyeballs on their site -and once that was achieved, how could they keep readers locked in for longer periods of time?

The Challenge

Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic - so we knew we had to focus on white-hat strategies.

The Solution

A Focus On Organic Search Traffic

Search and word-of-mouth still work best when it comes to news – and organic search paid rich dividends, contributing 46.87% of the sessions, which reached a staggering 75, 274, 345.

The Solution

A Focus On Referral Traffic

Referrals contributed a little over 27% of the sessions. In comparison, direct visits stood at 13%.

The Results

With a combination of white-hat organic search strategies and trustworthy referrals, we were able to help the website scale up exponentially, acquiring 35, 164,301 users in the span of 6 months.