How We Helped A Honey Brand Achieve 3X ROAS Across Digital Channels

The Client

 Our client sells pure, single-source honey using high-tech hives, following ethical practices that ensure happy farmers and no violence towards bees.

Finding natural, unadulterated honey at a good price point that benefits consumers and farmers is tough.

The Brief

They wanted to scale up in a big way, without massively increasing their CAC in the process.

Our client was already selling through traditional channels. They wanted to explore digital marketing to offer their honey to as many people as possible

The Challenge

We needed to maximise the orders while keeping the CAC as low as possible. We were aware that we would have to build a multi-pronged, scalable strategy that would serve our clients well in the long run.

The Solution: Google Ads

We identified trending keywords in the honey segment and targeted users. The conversion rate was higher on branded keywords, so we ran campaigns around them. We also did A/B testing for multiple ad copies to gauge user behaviour.

The Solution: Facebook Ads

We experimented with ad sets, visuals and copies. Our bid strategy experiment helped decrease the cost per result with quality leads. 

We remarked by creating lookalike audiences and targeting them through different ads, improving the ROI.

The Solution: SEO

We optimised on-page strategy into the website, added trending blogs with high-volume keywords and got more website traffic. We managed to generate 5000+ quality backlinks, out of which 50%+ backlinks where do-follow.

The Results

Our holistic approach worked, and sales rose exponentially. Google ROAS saw a 4.5x increase, while Facebook ROAS increased by 6x.

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