Getting The Best ROI Out Of Your Universal App Campaign

What is UAC?

Universal App Campaign is Google’s effort to utilise machine learning with its advertising platform. With UAC it is easy to promote your apps across Google’s different networks consisting of Search, Google Play, Google Display and YouTube Network. All you need to do is add some text ideas, some images to your campaign.

How UAC Is Different From Other Ads

Unlike other AdWords campaigns, there is no option to design individual ads for Google Universal App campaigns. Instead, Google utilises your text ideas and different Ad Assets from the Play Store to produce the best possible ad. All you need to do is write text for the ad, apply bid, set budget and specify location.

Where Your Ads Will Appear

When you run a UAC, your ads are eligible to run across Google’s network - Google Search Network, Google Display Network, YouTube, etc.

 Campaign Bid

Adjusting your bid is one of the most important levers of optimisation. Try increasing the bid and observe the pre and post bid change performance of the campaign.

Ad Text

Your ads are automatically generated using your text ideas, uploaded assets, and content from your Google Play and Apple App Store listings. These are the areas where creatives can be tested First, a set of 4 text ad spot; 25 characters each. Second, a set of upto 20 display images (optional). And third, an optional set up of 20 Youtube videos.


Increase efficiency of your campaign by testing your campaigns for different geographies.

Test For iOS And Android

Google allows IOS Configuration with AdWords to run UAC on IOS devices. Test which users give you better ROI.


It is better to provide customised video for your UAC. If you leave this field blank, AdWords may make a video for you

Run Your UAC

These days, the audience is more inclined towards mobile and app usage. Thus, this makes it a necessity for the advertiser to get more users with a Universal App Campaign.

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