Facebook Analytics is Shuttering on June 30

What Is The Use Of Facebook Analytics? 

Facebook Analytics is used to connect data from a Facebook page with data from the Facebook pixel. Analytics shows a conversion path between a customer engaging with a business and eventually making a purchase off of Facebook.

Facebook Analytics will stop being accessible after June 30, 2021, which gives marketers less than three months to export their data and find other solutions.

What Will Happen Now?

The company doesn’t offer a reason for its decision to shutter Facebook Analytics, suggesting alternatives like Facebook business suite, Ads Manager & Events manager.

What Is The Reason?

Facebook Business Suite

Allows users to manage their Facebook and Instagram business accounts. Offers detailed insights about a business’s audience, content, and trends. 

Ads Manager

Lets businesses view, make changes, and see results for Facebook campaigns and ads.

Events Manager

Can help users set up and manage Facebook business tools like the Facebook pixel and Conversions AP

Facebook has lofty goals to make Business Suite the only interface businesses needs to manage their activity on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

What Are Facebook's  Future Goals?

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