How We Helped ComfySheet 

Reach $5 Mn In Revenue In 10 Months

The Client

ComfySheet is a retailer of quality bedding and sheets.

The Brief

The mattresses & sheets business has one main agenda: growth coupled with sales. And for any company, the way to steady profit is to generate as many sales as possible while maintaining an economy in advertising budgets and spends

The Challenge

The challenge was to generate as much as - and surpass - the previous months’ sales while maintaining an optimum ACoS. 

We knew that we would have to build a multi-pronged, scalable strategy that would serve our clients well in the long run.

Our Solutions

Sponsored Campaigns

Amazon PPC Keywords

Amazon PPC Keywords

We optimised the product listing which included terms used in paid campaigns, and bid highly on long-tail KWs, avoiding very competitive ones.

We ran A/B testing with different KW match types to ensure that we had the right one.

Sponsored Campaigns

With ‘Sponsored Brand’ campaigns, we placed more focus on brand-building.

The Results

The improvement in their Amazon PPC resulted in overall business growth by 10x. They also attained their dream revenue, which grew by 2.5x.