Boosting Google Ads Conversions By Reducing CPL

Optimise Ads By Reducing CPL

Scaling your Google Ad campaigns continuously by rolling out new ad targets, different keywords, etc., in order to grab traffic may lead to a mountain of cluttered ad groups. Here’s what you can do to optimise campaigns and control or reduce your CPL (cost per lead).

Add New And Relevant Keywords

Adding new and relevant keywords is a great wave for generating more traffic and expanding your keyword footprint.

Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions can help you to get better click-through rate and stand out on the search page results. Choose from sitelink extensions, callout extensions, app extensions, call extensions and location extensions.

Reverse-Engineer The Path Of Purchase

Reverse engineering simply means going back in the process to understand what brings customers back to your site and what elements do they consistently enjoy. This information from regular visitors can be extremely effective in designing your site for newcomers.

Use Remarketing

When you use remarketing, you are only showing the same ads that people have noticed previously a few more times. That way, you can bring them back to your site and increase the odds that they’ll click your display ads and buy your product.

Relevant Landing Pages

When a customer comes across your landing page by clicking on an ad and does not find relevant information regarding the product and service advertised, they will most likely leave. Poor design of landing pages can also adversely affect the quality score of your Google Ad which in turn can raise your cost per click and cost per action.

Improve Your CTR

Improve your CTR (click-through rate) by using long-tail keywords, effective meta descriptions, structured data, pictures, keywords in your URL, and by using localised content.