Best Blogging Platforms By Neil Patel In 2021


If you are looking for the shortest distance between you and a functional blog, go with Wix. It is highly template-driven, but there are an astonishing range of options available. 


Famous for its aesthetically pleasing templates, it's perfect for visual-based businesses like photographers, designers, and artists and makes it easy to add ecommerce functionality to your blog.


You can blog for free at The company hosts your site and gives you a subdomain. For the non-technical user, building a custom blog that’s rich with images and videos is incredibly easy


Medium is the perfect stress-free option for blogging. Medium lets you connect with a curated audience for free, and gives you the ability to share posts across social media with ease.

Blogger Review

It is a great platform for the casual blogger, individuals advocating for a cause, or potentially companies who want nothing more than a traditional blog.

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