Amazon Reviews for

 Better Sales in 2021

The Power Of The Review

when selling on Amazon, positive reviews can get you more mileage and sales.

Customer reviews are a window to the quality and usefulness of your products and services for first-time buyers

Shoppers Trust Reviews

According to a report from the Spiegel Research Centre, 95% of shoppers read reviews before purchasing a product, which makes it an important factor in driving conversions

Amazon Stars

This gives a better picture of whether people who purchased the product are satisfied with it or not.

One of the first things any user does on Amazon is to scroll down and see the star rating of a product, from 5 stars to 1.

 A Snapshot

Amazon has a great system for reviews.It has room for stars, along with space to write a proper review - as short or as detailed as necessary - and even add pictures to go along with it.

The Amazon Review:

The more reviews you have, the better the chances of showing up on page 1 of search results.

Amazon Search

When a user runs a search on Amazon, the algorithm looks for products that are relevant to the keyword.

Amazon rates products for authority is based on reviews.

Setting Up Your Amazon Page

Your Amazon brand page needs to tell your brand and product story the same way your website does. 

 It should also include all pertinent information related to your product and brand: product details, testimonials and reviews.

Amazon Reviews & PPC Ads

Reviews also have an impact on your sales through your PPC ads. Keywords in the listing should match what you are using in your ad campaign. You should have 6-10 verified reviews on your product page before launching your PPC campaign

Reviews Are A Two-Way Street

Reviews are a process of give and take. Ask your customers for reviews, acknowledge their kind words and the positive reviews they leave, and always, always respond to negative reviews in a timely and proactive manner.