5 Amazon Growth Hacks For A Successful PPC Campaign

When a user searches for a product on Amazon, the search results show organic as well as “paid” results. Those “paid” or “sponsored” search results are PPC ads. A seller runs an Amazon PPC campaign to sponsor their posts under certain keywords. Here’s how to run an effective PPC campaign.

How PPC Works

An optimised listing is essential to attract clicks and convert sales. Without an optimised listing, you’ll likely have to pay for clicks that don’t bring in any sales/returns.

Optimise Your Listing

For PPC, it’s all about bidding on the right keywords. Find the most profitable keywords, and increase sales from low ACoS keywords.

Keyword Selection

When you search for products, you usually see ASINs of related products running below.  Some ASINS produce high sales while others yield none. With Amazon’s product targeting. you can target those specific high-yielding ASINs in manual campaigns.

Choose The Right Products

When optimising for high conversion keywords, it is also essential to remove non-converting keywords that are wasting money.

Choose The Right Negative Keywords

In your automatic campaigns’ search term, you will find ASINs that are bringing in no sales. These are either not relevant to your product or might have a lower price. It’s best to add those ASINs into negative targeting.

Choose The Right Negative Products

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