4 Simple Lead Generating Hacks For Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media For Lead Generation

Social media can be an effective place to generate leads. But with the marketplace so crowded, how can you stand out and persuade those leads to give you their email address?

Here are 4 tips

Have An Incentive

What are you offering people as an incentive to sign up via your lead capture form? A discount code, free e-book, free lesson/video can prompt sign-ups. 

Whatever you choose, it needs to be relevant to your audience’s needs - this will make the offer appealing.

Match Your Lead Capture Page To Your Social Post

Many lead capture pages are fussy and unappealing. And on social media, attention spans are short.

So when you design your lead capture page, make sure it is simple and easy to understand at a glance, and matches what you have posted on social media.

Branding And Trust

When you click through to the lead capture page, you want the look and feel to be the same.

When there is a mismatch in branding between one step and the next, we lose trust. Make sure the branding on your social media post matches the lead capture page it leads to

Instagram Link Hacks

Instagram doesn’t allow linking within post captions. However, the famous ‘link in bio’ for your lead capture form works well. 

Get a link hosting page, like LinkTree or Shorby, and customise your own page of links to showcase your opt in offer.

FB Ads Lead Capture Option

Facebook Ads has a lead generation option. When you start creating a Facebook Ad, you are asked to choose a Campaign type.

If you select ‘lead generation’, then the Facebook Ads Manager will walk you through setting up an advert which connects straight to a lead capture form.

So there you have it – 4 simple hacks to boost your lead generation on social media. Use these tools to boost your leads and grow your business!

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