3 Steps To Master Digital Marketing

Google Marketing Guide

Here are Google’s 3 key steps to help you understand which Google Ads products are the best for you, and how to make your digital marketing as successful as possible.

Use Data To Set Goals

Understand your marketing objective (MO). Figure out the metric you need to improve to fulfil that MO - your key performance indicator. (KPI). Uncover your campaign goal -the value the KPI has to hit for it to be successful.

Conversion Tracking To Unlock Automation

A conversion happens when a consumer completes an action. Tracking is key because it shows the effectiveness & efficiency of the campaign. It saves time & boosts efficiency by unlocking automated bid strategies in Google Ads.

Waterfall Media Planning

Waterfall methodology allocates budgets to channels based on their efficiency. Best-performing channels receive full funding till goals are realised; then funds are pushed to other channels until the overall campaign goal is achieved.

Incorporate These Tips

These tools can come in handy especially if you are running multiple campaigns. Try them out and see how they work for you!



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