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Server-Side Rendering (SSR)

Do you feel like search engines are missing out on your website’s amazing content?  Programmatic SEO can benefit from an entity called Server-Side Rendering (SSR), a technique where webpages are built on the server before being sent to visitors. 

This is especially helpful for websites that rely heavily on JavaScript, which can sometimes be confusing for search engine crawlers. By pre-rendering your content on the server, you ensure search engines can easily access and understand all the information on your website, even the bits that rely on fancy JavaScript features.

While SSR is a powerful tool for programmatic SEO, it’s important to consider potential trade-offs.  SSR can sometimes impact website loading speed.  The key is to find the right balance between crawlability and user experience. By combining SSR with other programmatic SEO techniques, you can ensure your website is both search-engine friendly and delivers a fast, enjoyable experience for your visitors.


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