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Page Relevance

Page relevance simply refers to the degree to which the content on a web page matches the user’s search intent or the topic they are seeking information about. Ensuring high page relevance is crucial for providing a satisfactory user experience and achieving better search engine visibility. Search engines aim to surface the most relevant and useful results for a given query, making page relevance a key ranking factor.

To optimize for page relevance, it’s essential to understand the target audience’s search behavior and the specific queries they are likely to use. This can be achieved through thorough keyword research and analysis of search intent. The content on each page should then be crafted to directly address the user’s query, providing comprehensive and authoritative information. 

Additionally, utilizing relevant headings, images, and multimedia elements can further reinforce the page’s relevance to the topic. By consistently delivering content that matches the search intent, websites can improve user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and ultimately enhance their search engine rankings.

Page relevance is an on-page entity in SEO, indicating how closely a webpage’s content matches the intent of a user’s search query, influencing its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) and overall visibility to users.

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