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Header Tags

Header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) are hierarchical headings that structure content on web pages. They allow for the logical organization of text by breaking it up into sections and subsections. Hierarchical headings that structure content clearly signal to users and search engines what a given section contains and how it relates to the overall content hierarchy.

The H1 heading should summarize the main topic of the page, while H2 subheadings break the content into primary sections. H3 subheadings can then further divide those sections, and so on down the hierarchy. Utilizing header tags properly enhances user experience by improving content scannability and flow. 

For search engines, well-structured headings provide semantic cues about the context and relative importance of the content on a page. Thoughtful use of hierarchical headings that structure content is a best practice for both accessibility and on-page SEO.

Header Tags are an on-page entity in the context of SEO.

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