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Google Penguin

Imagine building a website with tons of information, but then having trouble getting visitors because it seems a bit…unnatural.That’s the gist of the Google Penguin update, a major change to search rankings back in 2012.  

This is a Google Search related entity. Back then, some websites used sneaky tricks to appear more popular than they were. Google Penguin put a stop to that, focusing on rewarding websites that built links naturally.

Think of it like this: you want people to visit your website because they find your content interesting and valuable, not because you tricked them into clicking. Google Penguin was like a teacher cracking down on students who copied homework – it wasn’t fair, and it didn’t help anyone learn!  While Penguin penalties are less common today, creating high-quality content and earning links naturally is still the best way to build a website that thrives in search results.


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