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Google Hummingbird

Imagine you ask a librarian a question, but instead of just matching keywords in a book title, they try to understand the true meaning behind your question. Google Hummingbird, a major algorithm update, is like that super-sleuth librarian.  

This is a Google Search-related entity that focuses on the intent behind search queries rather than just keywords. This means you can search using natural language, like a question, and Google will use semantic understanding to deliver more relevant results.

However, Google Hummingbird is just one part of a complex algorithm.  Creating high-quality content that answers users’ questions in a comprehensive and informative way remains essential for attracting visitors. Think of Google Hummingbird as a way for Google to understand your search intent better, but it’s the quality and value of your content that will ultimately convince users that your website has the answers they’re looking for.

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