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Google Caffeine

Imagine a library that only stocked books from years ago, missing all the latest updates and discoveries! Google Caffeine, launched in 2010, addressed this exact issue for search results. 

This is a Google Search entity, but it wasn’t an update to how Google ranks websites, but rather how it finds new information. Caffeine revamped Google’s indexing system, the giant library catalog in the back room.

Before Caffeine, it could take weeks for new content to appear in search results. But Caffeine sped things up dramatically, allowing Google to find and index new information almost instantly. This means you can search for the latest news or blog posts and actually find fresh results, not just outdated material. While Caffeine itself isn’t a new update, this focus on super-fast indexing is now a core part of Google Search, ensuring you get the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

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