Transparent Growth Measurement (NPS)
Turn Clicks into Conversions: A Deep Dive into PPC Packages in India

Introduction: Navigating the PPC Landscape in India Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has emerged as a cornerstone strategy for businesses seeking to bolster their online presence in India’s diverse and fast-paced digital market. This blog post aims to explore PPC packages in India in-depth, elucidating how they can be strategically employed to transform clicks into conversions. We […]

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How Much Does Google Ads Cost in 2024

If you are reading this blog, you already know Google Ads, an influential platform for online advertising that helps businesses reach their target audience. Google Ads is like a giant in online ads that lots of businesses really care about. But with its ever-evolving algorithms and nuanced pricing structure, the question “how much does Google […]

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Optimizing Your Google Ads Strategy: When and How to Implement Target ROAS
  • karthik
  • Google Ads
  • Published: September 13, 2023

What is ROAS? Return on Ad Spend, often known as ROAS, is a critical indicator in digital advertising that assesses the success of your advertising campaigns by figuring out the amount of money made for every dollar spent on advertising. Frequently, a ratio or percentage is used to express it. Google Ads Target ROAS is […]

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Essential Questions Startup Founders Need To Ask Their PPC Team

This is the third article in our startup founders series, where we look at the critical questions founders need to ask their teams to ensure effective business growth. The first post of the series examined the key task that startup founders focus their time and energy on: decision making… and how asking pertinent questions to […]

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Learn More About How and Why Google Ads is Revolutionizing the Growth of Retail Businesses

In today’s fast-expanding digital era, search is the first touchpoint to make a purchase and 66% of users ranked Google & YouTube as their first choice platforms to research products online. Why Google Ads? Online Shopping behavior & buying in India is defined by 3 human truths: Brand experiences for users have search as their […]

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A Guide to Video Marketing with Enhanced Google Ads Features
  • karthik
  • Google Ads
  • Published: September 29, 2021

The pandemic has affected us all, either at a professional or at a personal level – and has had effects on the mental well-being of individuals worldwide. As the Covid 19 infection spread, it forced many businesses – across domains – to quickly change and modify their efforts to suit evolving user habits and requirements. […]

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Time and again, Google ads marketing has proved to be a worthy business growth agent. No matter which business you are in, B2B or B2C, in any sector, or size, Google ads is considered a crucial marketing tool.


Let’s start from the basics and learn about Google ads –
The Google Ads platform enables you to develop online advertisements to target audiences who are interested in the goods and services you provide. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, in which you are charged each time a visitor clicks on your ad, is the basis of the Google Ads platform.


There’s a lot to learn about Google ads. It lets you filter out audiences you don’t want to reach with online advertising and focus your adverts on the customers you do. You may reach potential customers online when you advertise with Google Ads by using a variety of targeting strategies at the precise moment that they are looking for your goods or services.


Google launched adwords in 2000 and ever since the development in the model of Google ads marketing has been at a phenomenal pace. Marketers, founders, and basically anyone in the digital marketing world should be aware of the progress in Google ads as it will help you curate better marketing strategies for your business.


To make it easier for you, our industry experts have compiled the latest information so that you can upgrade your Google ads knowledge and learn everything about Google ads in these quick-reads.


What will you learn from these Google ads blogs?


We have something for everyone! If you are a founder, you can get a heads up on what you should be asking your Google ads marketing team and what you should be aware of before you outsource your Google ads marketing. For marketers, the Google ads blogs will tell you everything from video marketing in Google ads to Google Performance Max campaigns.


And if you are unsure if Google ads will help your business sector then we have answers for that as well! Consider this a one-stop solution for all your Google ads woes.


This would be constantly updated and will keep you posted with all the new advancements in the Google ads world.


Check out our blogs about Google ads that will help you achieve your Google ads ambitions.

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