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How We Helped A Nutritionist’s Website Increase Traffic by 800%

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Nutrition By Lovneet is a healthcare service provider that offers nutrition plans and diet suggestions to help people solve their health problems. A healthy diet can do many things for your body - from managing weight to ensuring a healthy pregnancy; from addressing hormonal imbalances to reducing the risk of chronic diseases, the right nutrition at the right time benefits everyone. And, as we live through a pandemic, the role of nutrition becomes even more important to build immunity and in recovery - increasing the demand in the market for a good, empathetic nutritionist.

Identified Challenges

The goal was a little difficult. We had to increase the traffic of a new domain website. To achieve this goal, we took the highest possible risk, using an experimentation-based SEO approach to get maximum traffic.

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Empathy, Research, Brainstorming & Plan

When Nutrition By Lovneet approached upGrowth, they had a new domain website generating very low levels of traffic. But they realised they could drive more business and boost conversions and program sign-ups with increased traffic. They wanted to increase brand awareness via different SERP result types.


  • We implemented supporting article-based experiments on the website. 
  • There were several old blogs on the site – but they were not optimized at the time. We began by optimizing each blog with all technical SEO points, like integrating high search volume keywords in the content, meta tags, meta title and meta description; internal linking, image alt text and optimization, and adding various types of schema. 
  • Author page linked to all blogs with bio. 
  • Next, we made a category based on services, with supporting articles for each unique blog topic.
  • We made an effort to incorporate all the relevant technical SEO points on individual pages. 


In a short period of time, we increased traffic by 800% – have a look at the screenshot of the performance graph of Nutrition By Lovneet.

NBL Performance


This goes to show that organic search is still one of the best ways to build brand awareness and attract new users.  Want us to help you achieve the numbers you’re looking for? Get in touch with us and we’ll map out a strategy for you!

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800% Traffic Increased In Short Period of Time

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