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How we Increased Page Views and session duration for an Entertainment Portal


We’re all well aware that attention spans are shrinking – and that we have mere seconds to capture a viewer’s interest online.

Identified Challenges

A popular entertainment portal approached us with this very problem – how could they get more eyeballs on their site, and once that was achieved, how could they keep them locked in for longer periods of time?

Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan


  • Search and word of mouth still work best when it comes to news – and organic search and referrals paid rich dividends, contributing 46.87% and 27.54% of the sessions, which reached a staggering 75, 274, 345. The client also saw a steep rise in new users, acquiring 35, 164,301 users in the span of 6 months.
  • Here too, over 50% of those new users came in thanks to organic search, and referral contributed a little over 27%. In comparison, direct visits stood at 13%.
  • This case illustrates how organic search is still one of the best ways to gain a loyal readership – and it helped our client retain viewers.


With a combination of white-hat organic search strategies and trustworthy referrals, we were able to help the brand scale up exponentially – highlighting the power of organic search even in an era where many agencies push for paid campaigns. If you are looking to gain more unique visitors and followers on your site, get in touch with us – we can chart out a winning strategy for you, too!

upGrowth Solution

  • Before 2.2 Cr +
  • After 7.5 Cr +
  • Increase by 237% within 6 months
New Users
  • Before 1.25 Cr +
  • After 3.50 Cr +
  • Increase by 179% within 6 months
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