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How we Helped our Client Acquire 1.2 Million Users!


Our client approached us with a simple request: boost users and increase session duration.

Identified Challenges

While paid search can help websites get discovered, nothing beats organic search. It is still one of the most telling ways to increase page views and gain traffic.

Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan

With our efforts, we managed to increase user engagement and increase the number of users by 12.6% to 1.2 million. Sessions also saw a rise, touching 1.7 million. Average session duration also increased to a little over one and a half minutes per session.


What’s important to note is that this was achieved by using organic search as the driving force. Organic search contributed to 73.4% of this growth, followed by direct at 24.5% and all other sessions at 2%.



This goes to show that organic search is still one of the best ways to build a brand and attract new users. Nothing beats showing up as the best possible solution to a user’s problem.

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upGrowth Solution

  • Before -1 Million +
  • After - 1.2 Millon +
  • Increase by 12.6% within 1 month
  • Before - 1.5 Million +
  • After - 1.7 Million +
  • Increase by 9% within 1 month
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