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How to Setup a Data Stream in GA4?

Adarsh Gangwal | Published: May 1, 2022
How to Setup a Data Stream in GA4?

To read data on your analytics first you need to retrieve data from your digital platforms to GA4 in the form of the data stream. A Data Stream is actually the Data source coming up from multiple platforms.

In the GA4 account, there can be a number of data streams because data is coming up from multiple resources like a website, an android app, and an IOS app.

It totally depends on a user of GA4 to create the numbers of data streams in accordance with their digital assets.


Here is how you can set a Data Stream:

Step 1: Navigate to the admin section

Step 2: Go to the Property

Step 3: Go to the Data Stream

Step 4: Click on the Web button (if you want to set up for website)

Step 5: Fill up the details

Step 6: Click on the Create Stream button

The data stream will be created showing all the aspects of your data resource.

We hope now you can set up a data stream in GA4 without any hurdles.

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