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How to See Which Web Pages are Visited the Most?

Adarsh Gangwal | Published: April 27, 2022
How to See Which Web Pages are Visited the Most?

User activity tracking gives you a perspective on how users engage with your site and what hurdles they encounter on their way to becoming consumers. User behavior analytics (UBA) is a technique for gathering, integrating, and analyzing quantitative and qualitative user data in order to better understand how and why people interact with a product or website.

Google analytics or GA4 acts as the window to understand what people are doing on your website. 

Firstly, you will have to configure events. How to set up events is a completely different chapter and deserves a dedicated video. This video talks about where you will be able to see the visitor’s events. 

What exactly are events? 

Events are actions taken by the visitor that occur in the system you’re developing and are reported to you so that your code can react. For instance, if a user clicks a button on a webpage you might wish to respond by showing an information box.

Here’s how to see the data:

Step 1 – Click on Reports 

Step 2 – Click on Engagement 

Step 3 – Choose Events.

Step 4 – A report appears on the dashboard for the past 28 days.

You will see a thorough report based on the Event name, Event count, Total users, Total Event Count per users, and Total revenue.

Learn more about each of these aspects of the report in the video. 

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