How to See User Behavior on a Website?

Adarsh Gangwal | Published: May 13, 2022
How to See User Behavior on a Website?

The event-based analytics report will evaluate how your website’s users are behaving to certain events created by you. Events are the user interaction with the web pages. 

For example, if a button is created to download a brochure on a webpage, it will be marked as an event, as soon as the user clicks on it your GA4 will report an event count.

The overall user behaviour analytics report will display event name, event count, number of users, and event count per user. 

Before starting, please make sure that you have events installed on your GA4.



Follow these steps to track the behavior of users on your website:

Step 1: Go to the Reports section

Step 2: Then go to the Engagement section

Step 3: And click on Events

The reports will appear with all the relevant charts and graphs. 

Before analyzing the report, please check the time range setting on the right top corner of the screen.