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How to Export and Share Reports of GA4?

Adarsh Gangwal | Published: May 24, 2022
How to Export and Share Reports of GA4?

We all have to share the reports of our Google Analytics with someone who does not have access to our GA4 properties.

If you want to show your GA4 reports without granting property access, then you can simply export your report and share it with them.

Let’s see how we can export and share GA4. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to the report which you want to export and share

Step 2: On the upper right corner of the report, click on the “share” icon

Step 3: Click on the “download file” button

Step 4: Choose between CSV or PDF download option

Now you know how to export and download your GA4 reports. So you can share these downloaded reports with anyone you want.

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