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How to Compare Multiple Dimension Reports in GA4?

Adarsh Gangwal | Published: May 18, 2022
How to Compare Multiple Dimension Reports in GA4?

Comparing two dimensions can help you to determine the changes, growth and performance of your website. The comparative study enables you to understand where you need to focus more and less or which changes the website has actually worked for you. 

You might need to compare your reports with regard to multiple dimensions, right? 

Here you will learn how you can compare multiple dimensions reports in GA4.

You can compare all of your dimensions under any report segment.

For example, you can compare dimensions of eCommerce purchases, In-app purchases, or any other report.

Let’s find out how you can compare dimensions in GA4.

Step 1: In the report snapshot section, go to the “Add comparison” button

Step 2: Select the dimensions

Step 3: Add your dimension values

Step 4: Apply

A comparative data report will show up, consisting of a comparison of your multiple dimensions on GA4. There will be various colours – these colours indicate different dimension reports that are ready for comparison. It makes it easier for you to study the data and helps you distinguish between different reports. This eases your work and reduces complexities.

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