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It's The GA4’s World, and We Are Just Living In It!

It's The GA4’s World, and We Are Just Living In It!

Hope you are well and thriving. 

You are absolutely going to love this GA4 series. From GA4 setup to customizing GA4, this series will make you a GA4 pro! 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, i.e – just Part 1 of the 4 Part series that we will be sharing with you. 

I have been an ardent fan of Google Analytics (it has made lives and businesses easy!) and so I am super excited to share EVERYTHING about GA4.

Also, Google Analytics 3, which is a previous version of Google Analytics, will not work after 1st July 2023. 

Additionally, it is beneficial to have 1 year of data in the GA4 bank for better analysis and results. So you might as well start today.  

Let me start from a clean slate – 

What is GA4?

(not an ordinary definition!) 

GA4 is a brand new update designed for the future of measurement and data analytics introduced by Google Analytics. 

The brilliance of this update is that it collects both website and app data to better understand the customer journey. 

AND! It uses events instead of session-based data. 

As amazing as we are, we have simplified GA4 for founders and marketers. Watch these quick and easy videos. 

Diving further into this amazing feature – (forgive me, I am obsessed)

What are the benefits of using GA4?

Google Analytics has a number of benefits such as better funnel reports, better path reports, and BigQuery (Free on this version).

Watch Video

So your next question would be –

How to make GA4 Property?

We have simplified this for you (aren’t we amazing!). Here’s a simple breakdown of how you can make GA4 property. 

Watch Video

Moving on to –

How to set up a Data Stream in GA4?

A Data Stream is actually the Data source coming up from multiple platforms. Click on the below link for simplified steps on how to set up a Data Stream in GA4.

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And a BONUS –

How to set up Google signals in GA4?

To track a certain amount of data about your users in GA4, it is very important to set google signals. 

You will find the simplified version of how to set up Google signals in the below link. 

Watch Video

I cannot stress enough how important it is right now to get to the depths of GA4. Not only is it the future of digital marketing, but it is also necessary.

So buck up, polish your GA4 knowledge and if you are stuck anywhere, you know where to find me…


Amol, Adarsh and team upGrowth

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