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Information Architecture is the New SEO Boss!

Tuesday was on fire and so was my conversation with Rohit. (In case you are feeling left out, check out my previous email😄

There was no stopping Rohit after a series of wins on the SEO road; he introduced new webpages, added sections, and embedded keywords.

“I have got it all covered”, said Rohit. 

And then BAM!! 

He hit a major bump – The Information Architecture in SEO 

Okay, I am being a little dramatic but it is kind of a big deal 😅. A pleasant user experience is the ultimate goal of a website and Rohit learned this the hard way. 

Rohit turned to me with “I THOUGHT I had it all covered 😐” and my team and I got to the bottom of it.  

Basically, what’s good for Information Architecture is good for SEO.

I walked Rohit through the 101 of IA 

That is: Understanding the purpose of your website

Whether it is improving sales, leads, being entertaining, or adding value.

Rohit, as a founder of an eCommerce company, knew the purpose of the website: sales.

Then we worked on other elements such as the Content Information Relationship. 

Here’s a Golden thumb rule, (you can thank me later)

Only a well-organized and neat website will help users navigate through the website and complete the necessary action. 

Here are the 3 important things that I implemented on his website: 


  • Added visitor-friendly links to the website 

Why? Because clean URLs are easier to share, increase performance in searches, and are more trustworthy. Special characters, underscore, and broken links are a big no-no. For instance: https://www.#ecommerce_products or www.$finance_businessfunds# 


  • Added an Html sitemap

Why? Because of organizational skills, of course! (and OCD, Just kidding 😂). A sitemap acts as a guide for all web pages, allowing users to locate what they’re looking for. Categorizing your web pages and adding the website structure will help your visitors understand your website better.


  • Removed duplicate content/pages

Why? Because uniqueness sells faster and is more believable. 

Well, so far Rohit, this is what it is and we are nearing the end of building a strong SEO. 

AND the cat is not yet out of the bag! 

To know the secret SEO weapon, reply with a “Hey Amol, share the weapon” and be ready to slay 😈 

Until next time! 




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