Transparent Growth Measurement (NPS)
Announcing Custom Chat GPT: Now Tailor Chat GPT to Your Needs

It’s the universe of Chat GPT and we are just living in it. There’s a brand new development in this universe that will redefine the way we work – Custom GPT. Now, it’s easy to create your own GPT and it doesn’t require you to be an expert coder.  The procedure is easy to follow, […]

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Growth Drivers of upGrowth: Ep 3 – #BTS of Paid Social

Paid ads are a rage! Thanks to its tremendous ability to generate leads, grab attention and increase revenue, Paid ads have been a preferred marketing choice of founders and marketers all over!  But Paid ads are not a cakewalk! If one doesn’t know paid ads, it can lead to a loss of money and resources. […]

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CAC Payback Period: How to calculate it & why it is important

The pure delight of getting a new client never fades, regardless of the stage of your business. Always celebrate your achievements, especially in the early phases of your firm. Understanding the customer acquisition cost (CAC) and the CAC payback period is critical. This is the amount of time it takes for a new client to […]

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LTV CAC Ratio: What is it, How to Calculate & More

The link between a customer’s lifetime value and the cost of acquiring them is measured by LTV/CAC. Client acquisition cost (CAC) is the cost incurred when a customer is convinced to buy a product, whereas customer lifetime value (LTV) refers to the profit generated by a customer. You can calculate how much money you should […]

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Growth Drivers of upGrowth: Ep 2 – A ‘Chat’ about the New Bot in Town

Digital Marketing Tools are a savior! They are efficient time-savers who are making the lives of Digital marketers easy! One such tool that is dominating the digital marketing tool is ChatGPT! It is the new talk of the digital marketing industry, and marketing experts are all over it.  So today, we have with us Adarsh […]

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How to Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost with Formula

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) is a metric used to describe how much money companies spend acquiring new clients. In addition to calculating the resources needed to find and onboard new consumers, CAC is an important business metric for gauging your business’s overall health and profitability.  Thus, this is a must-read if you don’t have the […]

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Digital Marketing is a broad concept. Consider this the umbrella term for marketing branches such as SEO, google ads, social media marketing, email marketing, and many others. The term ‘Digital Marketing’ found its roots in the early 1990 and ever since the evolution in this field has been phenomenal.


New strategies, tools, ideas, and concepts are cropping every day. New benchmarks, achievements, and growth are observed every single day. Businesses have skyrocketed and are thriving because of digital marketing. And this is exactly why start-up founders, businessmen, and digital marketers need to cope with the advancements in this field.


Therefore, we compiled a list of the top digital marketing blogs that we believe are interesting, educational, and crucial to the marketing industry. These digital marketing blogs are designed for everyone, be it a founder, SEO specialist, google ads expert, social media planner, graphic designer, or writer. These digital marketing articles are sure to add value to your strategies and business growth.


From personal and professional growth-related good reads to curating unique and impactful social media strategies, you’ll find all your marketing-related answers in these Digital marketing blogs.


Our industry experts have covered all the major aspects that will help you build a 360-degree plan for your business. Our digital marketing blogs also include email marketing growth hacks, Google ads guidelines, online reputation management, and many other significant areas.


The digital marketing blogs we have compiled for you inspire ideas on a range of topics, including digital trends, process innovations, and best practices. We strive to emphasize everything in these blogs as we strike a balance between the significance of technical, results-driven branding, and creative campaigns. You may discover everything here, including strategy, design, and marketing.


Why are Digital Marketing blogs important?

They are simple, quick, and easy! Blogs will save a lot of your time. Imagine a new google ads update being launched and you have to hunt through the internet, watch videos and go through the trial and error trouble. This is where blogs come into the picture. You can get all the information you need at a go.


Stay updated with the latest trends, news, and tools of the Digital marketing world with these up-to-date digital marketing blogs.

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