Startup Customer Metrics 101: Customer Acquisition Cost

Acquiring customers is key to a business’s success. And if you are running or working in a startup, you know how difficult it can be to drive those initial few sales – because, for many early-stage founders, getting those first few customers on board is key to getting investors on board.

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10 Mistakes Startup Founders Should Avoid in their Early Days

All entrepreneurs will go through failures and phases of growth and learning. And for early-stage startup founders, it’s a dynamic learning process – from finding the right market problem to focusing on building the right business model and prototyping.  Taking your idea from inception to in-the-market is no easy task and entrepreneurs have to be […]

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Digital – Taking the Form of Water

The essence of the term ‘Digital Marketing’ has evolved from the marketing of products and services to a blanket term that encompasses marketing technology and the process to use it to build preferences, acquire customers, build advocacy and of course, augment sales. The importance of consumer touchpoints to brands is growing at a good pace […]

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The A-Z Values for Your Personal and Professional Growth in 2022

It is that time of the year when we retrospect, reflect and take stock of the year gone by.  We reminisce about the good times, the achievements, the downfalls and of course, the ‘if only’ moments! Getting over the 2021 fever (not the literal one), we have to gear up for the year 2022.  A […]

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Google’s International Growth Agency Program India 2021 (IGAP) : Going Global with Your Business Growth

Anyone in the digital marketing world knows that Google’s updates and algorithms often are an integral part of formulating a strategy.  Each update and algorithm change makes work fun and challenging and keeps marketers and growth specialists like us on our toes, looking for better ways to grow our business and the digital footprint of […]

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Squat Challenge – A Healthy And Creative Strategy for Small Businesses

If you haven’t heard of the Squat Challenge, you are probably living under a rock! Surprisingly, the Squat Challenge has ignited some action in the normally formal entrepreneurial sector.  Remember that ice-bucket challenge that spread like wildfire and created quite a stir on all the social media platforms? Such trendy and quirky challenges are a […]

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Digital Marketing is a broad concept. Consider this the umbrella term for marketing branches such as SEO, google ads, social media marketing, email marketing, and many others. The term ‘Digital Marketing’ found its roots in the early 1990 and ever since the evolution in this field has been phenomenal.


New strategies, tools, ideas, and concepts are cropping every day. New benchmarks, achievements, and growth are observed every single day. Businesses have skyrocketed and are thriving because of digital marketing. And this is exactly why start-up founders, businessmen, and digital marketers need to cope with the advancements in this field.


Therefore, we compiled a list of the top digital marketing blogs that we believe are interesting, educational, and crucial to the marketing industry. These digital marketing blogs are designed for everyone, be it a founder, SEO specialist, google ads expert, social media planner, graphic designer, or writer. These digital marketing articles are sure to add value to your strategies and business growth.


From personal and professional growth-related good reads to curating unique and impactful social media strategies, you’ll find all your marketing-related answers in these Digital marketing blogs.


Our industry experts have covered all the major aspects that will help you build a 360-degree plan for your business. Our digital marketing blogs also include email marketing growth hacks, Google ads guidelines, online reputation management, and many other significant areas.


The digital marketing blogs we have compiled for you inspire ideas on a range of topics, including digital trends, process innovations, and best practices. We strive to emphasize everything in these blogs as we strike a balance between the significance of technical, results-driven branding, and creative campaigns. You may discover everything here, including strategy, design, and marketing.


Why are Digital Marketing blogs important?

They are simple, quick, and easy! Blogs will save a lot of your time. Imagine a new google ads update being launched and you have to hunt through the internet, watch videos and go through the trial and error trouble. This is where blogs come into the picture. You can get all the information you need at a go.


Stay updated with the latest trends, news, and tools of the Digital marketing world with these up-to-date digital marketing blogs.

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