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What founders are to a business, keywords are to SEO

Now that the world of business is getting built a new, we – the founders, really have no time to spare, do we? 

And so, I will cut the chase and get straight to the point. 

A couple of years ago, I worked with Rohit, a fresh entrepreneur, for his Ecommerce business. He wanted to expand his organic reach and the young & dynamic founder wanted to work with me to develop his SEO strategy. 

I instantly reverted with the ABCs of keywords and suggested intense keyword research. Luckily, he knew his audience well and hit the nail right on the head, and found the right keywords. 

Happy ending? No, not yet. 

Despite my sincerely extended guidance, Rohit did not yield any results even after 3 months and was utterly disappointed. The hardcore digital marketer in me got offended and decided to deep dive into this issue. 

“What am I doing wrong???!!!” exclaimed Rohit.

When I investigated his website further, I found 3 scarce primary keywords throughout the website.  

“This!” I replied.

After which I introduced him to keyword density. Embedding up to 3% of primary keywords of the total word count, got his website the attention it deserved.  

Then entered the keyword intent.

The main intent of the keyword intent is to add keywords that resonate the most with the intention of the customer. Whether sales or information, all Rohit needed was to grasp the intention of his audience. 

And then there was no stopping Rohit! 

“What’s next?” is all he would ask. 

Another element that Rohit failed to consider was keyword search volume. Instead of randomly selecting keywords, keywords with good search volume gave his website the much-needed push.

We have a winner! 

Now the cherry on the top – the LSI keywords. Simply put, the closely associated terms with the main keyword are the LSI keywords. These little cherries boost the context of your keyword.

Not bragging (okay, maybe a little), Rohit’s SEO is now reflecting gloriously on his search rankings.

Lastly, Rohit worked on keyword grouping A.K.A keyword bucketing which is the key to improving CTR. 

Rohit, the newly acclaimed keyword master, and I, an avid explorer are meeting next Tuesday to explore SEO opportunities for his business. After everything he has been through, he deserves that one Big Secret that could help him get closer to his SEO goals.

Will give you the big chunk of Rohit’s journey after our next rendezvous. 



Amol Ghemud

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