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The SEO Endgame - it’s not Thanos, it's me

Huh! Now that the SEO series has come to an end, it feels like an end of an era! 

(Okay, that was overdramatic)

But I can’t help it. SEO is awesome and I believe in its power to uplift businesses.  

Rohit’s eCommerce venture saw dramatic progress with our Keyword and Information Architecture strategy. 

(In case you want to get acquainted with Rohit, check out my previous newsletter) 

But this time, instead of Rohit coming to me with “what’s next?!”, I went to him with “here’s the plan!”

And I introduced him to a SEA of SEO POSSIBILITIES! 

Rohit and upGrowth had built a strong SEO foundation with the right keywords, the right IA, the technicalities, and so on. And now it was time to build a colossal structure on it. 

Step 1

We started with Content Optimization. Here, the goal is simple – to craft content in such a way that it reaches the broadest possible target audience. 

This includes writing relevant blogs (keyword embedded, obviously), introducing helpful guides, toolkits, informational Pdfs, and in general other important resources. 

Know which content format suits your brand and get going!  

Step 2 (Kinda the killer one!)           

Conversion funnel on both commercial and informational pages 

What’s the endgame we are aiming at? 


A well-orchestrated funnel drives your potential customers to your goal. The funnel-like shape represents clients sliding out on their journey to the funnel’s final stage. 

You don’t want your audience circling aimlessly! Instead, you can lead them to an action item systematically. 

Step 3


This is the last infinity stone that Thanos needed to snap those fingers! (Sue me, I am an endgame fan). 

Users love entertainment. 

Spice up your SEO with quizzes, web stories, interesting articles, or anything that suits the tonality of your brand. 

Well now that you have the last missing piece of SEO, you can complete your puzzle. And if you need a little nudge, you know where to find me. (umm…my email)

Okay, now it is the end of an era and I would love to know which tale would you like me to tell next? 

And here are your options (choose wisely)

Option1: Analytics, 

Option 2: UX, 

Option 3: Emails, 

Option 4: Social media organic,

Option 5: Social media paid 

Option 6: Google ads

Until next time,

Amol Ghemud

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