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We grow better when we share! The key is to learn from each other’s business journeys. Knowing the positive points and the setbacks may help you understand and plan your next move. 

So, here’s what happened in May 2022 at upGrowth

On The Business Front…


I believed “simpler explanations are more likely to be true than complicated ones” but this might not always be true. 

We paused our 1.4 years-long engagement with a Fintech client for organic growth.

Reasons – 

  • Introduction of new DM manager who was iKIA

We are constantly failing with this race and most of the time result is pausing the engagement after we reach a threshold point.

  • Loss in ranking

We honestly admit that there could be multiple reasons why something like this can happen but iKIA manager and founder were influenced by him and were not in the mood for a rational discussion.

      1. They expected us to foresee this
      2. Know the Google updates in advance 
      3. Give them EXACT reasons why this happened

What our Partner says about us


We were able to get one of our B2B clients in the top 4 SERP rankings for +90% BOFU KWs dominated by marketplaces at the global level without a SINGLE backlink.

We at upGrowth always believe if you do the right things with ON-PAGE SEO, you don’t need backlinks.

Treat backlinks as a last resort with your SEO strategy.

upGrowth Became SEMRush Partner Agency

We delivered +100K AED growth within 2 months after signing a Growth contract in May 2022 for a UAE-based D2C health and food company. 

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On Personal Front

The rainy season is peeking and summer is almost over.

The golden grass is turning green again!

It’s been more than 2.4 years now I am working from Shirur (my parent’s place, about 65 KW towards east of Pune) 

We keep exploring nearby places.

In our search a few years ago, we came across “Chumbaleshwar Temple.” It was recently renovated. There is something I like about old-time architecture, while new construction is so unnatural. 

Near this temple is a small natural pond. I usually go there with my daughter Shaurya.

There is no better place for meditation than here. To understand it, you must experience it.

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