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How MoEngage Has Creatively Used Competitor Brand Terms in Google Ads to Grab the Attention of the Audience Exceptionally

About the Company

MoEngage is a customer engagement platform, consisting of powerful customer analytics, automated cross-channel engagement, and AI-driven personalization. The company offers a marketing automation platform that helps businesses improve customer engagement.

Inspiration Found

MoEngage has creatively used competitor Brand terms in Google Ad to grab the attention of the audience in an exceptionally amusing way. It is hilarious how the term “clever” is used in the Google Ads from the Competitor CleverTap, which happens to be a combination of Generic keywords encapsulating the service offered. It does not stop here. Other competitors and even CleverTap are not lagging but following footsteps in using each other as keywords in the ads in unique ways.

What We Like

The use of common yet competitor brand terms in a comical way are surely noteworthy to enthuse the user/audience of your offered service.

It is engaging and stays in your memory.

Services offered are highlighted distinctly and incite users why to choose you will be a smart choice.

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