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How Gemini Photos has used the Tactics to Connect the Pain Point of the Audience?

About the Company

Gemini Photos is an iOS app that quickly cleans up the photo mess in your iPhone or iPad. Gemini Photos has a fairly smart algorithm to track down unwanted photos. It finds more than just similar images. It will also track down blurry shots, pictures of text that you might not need anymore, and screenshots.

Inspiration Found

The visual is out-of-the-box where the brand has compared thousands of screenshots with the open barrier of the dam, and the iPhone with the waterbody where innumerable photos are flowing in. Since reviewing screenshots manually is extremely tough from the storage space, the brand has connected it with the huge reservoir. By connecting the visual with the dam, the brand has used humour to create a connection with the audience.

What We Like

Engaging and eye-catching creative/visual

The usages of the app are placed right at the top where the consumer can see it, and is to-the-point

The image has been depicted in such a way that the brand can connect to the pain point of the consumer

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