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How We Helped Nutrition By Lovneet Achieve 8X Growth


Nutrition By Lovneet Story

Have you ever faced issues with your health, wanting to get rid of them altogether? But the only option available to you was medication - something you didn’t want. Nutrition By Lovneet, a healthcare and nutrition service provider, helps you take control of your health by solving the fundamental problems in your diet, enabling you to become less dependent on medicine with a balanced, nutritious diet - that doesn’t compromise on taste.

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Identified Challenges

The goal was quite tricky - we had to get more leads to the business in a limited period of time. To achieve this, we focused on getting more clients and retaining the old ones by introducing interactive challenges, experimenting with email marketing and boosting social media postings.

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Empathy, Research, Brainstorming & Plan

When Nutrition By Lovneet approached upGrowth they were predominantly getting clients via social media. They wanted to improve their existing social media presence and were looking for other avenues to attract clients.


We solved these issues with:

  • An improved social media presence: We planned the brand’s social media posts and worked on post design. This resulted in increased engagement among followers and a growth in followers.
  • Email marketing: We started email marketing which helped us reactivate the existing client list. It also gave old clients a chance to engage with Nutrition By Lovneet as they became aware of the latest offers and updates. This resulted in more enquiries and sign-ups from past clients.
  • Interactive challenges: We created interactive challenges that helped prospective clients better understand Nutrition By Lovneet’s offerings and services. This helped attract more clients as people could easily understand the immense benefits of availing paid services.

In a short span, Nutrition By Lovneet got 8 times more leads from the day upGrowth started its growth hacking efforts.


This highlights how email marketing still works wonders to retain customers, and that changing a brand’s design and messaging on social media can achieve exponential growth.

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