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How We Helped A New Fintech Company Generate 1000+ Leads From Day 1

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Small businesses tend to struggle with funding, especially during the initial stages of their journey. They usually have to rely on external sources to manage their working capital. Among all the available sources, business loans from fintech companies are among the most popular solutions to fulfil needs of SMEs. Triti is one such fintech company that offers small business loans.

Story of triti

Identified Challenges

Trity approached us with a very simple but challenging question, “How do we achieve 1000+ leads per day within the stipulated budget?” We knew achieving this number within a limited budget would not be easy - it would require continuous monitoring, clear communication with the user, self-explanatory landing pages & a scalable strategy that would help them sustain the required leads in the long run.

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Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan

When they approached upGrowth, they hadn’t decided on a marketing channel to put their money on. They were at a stage of their journey where they had to figure out how to generate leads & scale their business substantially. With our past experience with another fintech giant, we suggested that Triti consider Google Ads - it is highly intentional & prospects can easily find them.


Here is a glimpse of our Google Ads plan of action designed to achieve 1000+ leads per day.


  • Initially we targeted the specific industry verticals e.g. pharmaceuticals, education, electronics, mobile etc
  • We created multiple theme/industry specific landing pages. This helped us increase relevant leads.
  • To avoid junk leads, we communicated restricted messaging through our adverts. We wanted only prospects who would provide complete documents e.g. ITR, bank statements etc
  • We did not run campaigns on a predefined bid strategy. Instead, we considered it as an ongoing process & kept experimenting with different bid strategies.
  • We made sure that we had different ad extensions in place for different ad groups depending on their theme.
  • We adjusted the ad bids with respect to the city, day, and time to keep the costs as low as possible without compromising on efficiency.


Our comprehensive approach to the Google Ads strategy yielded favorable results & their leads started increasing exponentially. In fact, they started receiving 1000+ leads right from day 1!

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